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Susanne Ebner
Obere Lände 5b
6820 Frastanz
T +43 699 1515 9626

Kerstin Mündle
Obere Lände 5b
6820 Frastanz
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Target groups

The division Housing – Living independently provides coaching, care and assistance to people with mental disorders, who are unable, temporarily or over a long-term period of time, to live independently in their own accommodation.

Housing – Living independently also supports clients who live on their own and who need assistance. These services are also offered to criminals with mental disorders who are released on probation in accordance with Section 47 Subsection 1 of the Austrian Criminal Code.

Our services are available to the following clients:
  • People with chronic mental illnesses, who need daily support to manage their lives
  • Convalescent clients who were affected by a mental illness only recently, who need the sheltered environment of assisted living accommodation temporarily
  • People with chronic mental illnesses, whose potential has already almost entirely been exhausted by socio-pedagogical training in intensively supported housing
  • Younger people with a low degree of chronification and a proportional wealth of resources
  • People with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Our services are not aimed at clients with addiction diseases, who need special therapy.

People must generally be 18 years or over but there is no maximum age limit. We cannot accept people with physical care requirements or those in wheelchairs because we don’t have the necessary infrastructure.

One of the essential basic principles of our work is that clients stay in our facilities on a voluntary basis. Clients can be registered using the inquiry form. Their individual needs of assistance, the suitability of the assistance offered and the availability of places are discussed personally. Our folder provides information for clients who are looking for assisted living.