Creativity room

The creativity room provides a sheltered environment where people can be creative, experiment, express themselves and find peace and quiet. The guiding ideas behind the creativity room are, rediscovering their own creativity and the associated extension of inner freedom, as well as increasing their love for life.

The creativity room is a place for people to shape and create things, in which the focus is placed on the process of creating, i.e. the sheer activity, gaining new experience, discovering one’s own skills and strengths (also those believed to be lost or not found yet) rather than the final material product. This allows clients to rediscover and maintain their own creativity and creative skills that were, for example, buried because of an illness or a crisis.

Target group

The creativity room is open to all AQUA Mühle clients. Participation is subject to the following requirements:
  • Willingness to engage in the activities offered in the creativity room
  • Sticking to fixed hours
  • Respectful interaction
  • Handling the inventory of the creativity room in a way that protects its resources