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AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH

The non-profit organisation AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg is located at the “Energiefabrik an der Samina”, a business park on the Samina river in Frastanz. Its name is made up of the first letter of the two German words Arbeit and QUAlifizierung, which translate as “work” and “qualification” in English and form an essential part of the organisation’s activities.

“Work” and “qualification” are meant to open up new opportunities for people. Guiding them towards fitness for work and introducing job seekers to the regular labour market are among the key tasks of the organisation.
stands for the service areas work and qualification, which are important pillars of the institution, and Mühle, the German word for mill, symbolises the assisted living housing provided for people with mental illnesses, which started at the Mühlegasse in Frastanz in 1987. Vorarlberg is the region where AQUA Mühle is located and where it offers its services.

AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg endeavours to support people who, for different reasons, have not managed to be a part of society or who are under threat of being excluded from society. The reasons for this are manifold and require individual solutions. As an innovative Vorarlberg-based company, AQUA Mühle offers a wide variety of services in the social sector that are continuously adapted to the changing needs of society. As an organisation focusing on social services and integration, AQUA Mühle has a responsibility towards the region and its common welfare. This includes maintaining social contacts and avoiding “long distances”, thereby making an ecologically valuable contribution, as well as creating opportunities to market products from the region.

Individual support for a person’s integration into the labour market or personal re-orientation often provides a starting point for a successful personal development and professional career. All services of AQUA Mühle work separately but can be combined together in a network at short notice, if needed. This flexibility ensures that AQUA Mühle can work efficiently and in a well-structured way and can offer its clients a wide variety of services as a one-stop shop.

AQUA Mühle offers services in the following fields:

Work – Employment: Starting to shape your future – Living a meaningful life

The idea behind the socio-economic operations (SÖB, German acronym of Sozialökonomische Betriebe) is to work while you’re looking for a job. After long unemployment, it is essential to start to “move“ again, to get ready to shape your future in order to reinvent yourself as well as to get a sense of direction and define goals for your life.

Training – Guidance: Building relations – Wanting to live a meaningful life

As a training partner of the Austrian Employment Service (AMS, German acronym of Arbeitsmarktservice), AQUA Mühle is dealing with social problems and their impact. The training programmes offered are available to job seekers who are looking for orientation and/or qualification.
Our guidance services help our clients to reinvent themselves, get orientation in their professional life and find a job.

Housing – Living independently: Giving people stability and security – Being able to live a meaningful life

Housing – Living independently provides coaching, care and support to people with mental health problems. Giving them stability and security is of crucial importance. This creates the perfect ground for developing the skills needed to act and live independently.